Every year in New York and all over the U.S., thousands of shopping-related injuries occur. These injuries are typically the result of slips, trips, and falls in stores, malls, and other retail establishments. Most slip and falls tend to be minor, but they could result in head or neck injuries, sprains, and broken bones in serious cases.

Shopping related injuries occur in many ways. Someone could slip on a wet floor, trip over old flooring, or fall down an inadequately lit staircase.  We have seen other claims involving owners not properly closing a malfunctioning escalator or heavy displays that could tip over. During the holiday season, even bigger problems can arise at shopping centers. People have been trampled in the hysteria of a holiday shopping spree or been injured while using poorly put together furniture displays. At the same time, other common injuries may happen in the business’s parking lot on icy or cracked pavement.

Under New York law, store owners must exercise reasonable care in keeping their property free of hazards. For example, quickly and efficiently cleaning up messes or fallen objects. If a business or its employees know about a potential hazard and do nothing about it over an appropriate amount of time, the business could be negligent. On the other hand, store owners may attempt to defend themselves by saying they exercised reasonable care or saying that the condition was obvious and easily avoidable. If you believe your shopping-related injury was due to someone else’s negligence, make Buzin and Berman, PC. #yourfirstcall 


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