As the COVID -19 pandemic pushes people away from public transportation, it has become a historically dangerous year for New York City’s cyclists. In 2019 a report published by the DOT found that nearly 500,000 bike trips are taken across the City every day and the odds of being in an accident now are much higher than in previous years. Knowing the law as a cyclist in New York can help you stay safe and avoid serious accidents.

It’s your responsibility to follow the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Laws whenever operating a bicycle. Always ride with the flow of traffic and use the bike lane when available. Most bicycle accidents in the state of New York are caused by distracted drivers. Never assume a motorist has seen you and be mindful of using hand signals when turning. 

When an accident occurs, never leave the scene, call 911, and seek medical help if you need it. If possible, photos and videos of damage to your bicycle, as well as the scene can be useful. It’s also very important to collect information from the driver and vehicle information, including license plate numbers.  In addition, the names and numbers of any witnesses can come in handy.

Dealing with insurance companies on your own can be a daunting experience.  If you were injured while riding a bicycle please call us at Buzin & Berman, PC because we should be #YourFirstCall.


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