Recreational boating accidents, including those involving personal watercraft like jet skis, are on the rise as people seeking a break from quarantine splash around New York’s waterways. We’ve seen it before.

We worked with a client who was attending an event on a party boat in Manhattan. As he was exiting the boat the gangway gave way causing him to lose his balance and fall to the ground. As a result of his fall he fractured his ankle. Although he made an excellent recovery and returned to work shortly after the accident we were still able to secure an award of $295,000 for his pain and suffering.

Another case we worked on was a 30 year old worker on a ferry boat who lost the tips of two fingers when his hand became caught in a rope that he was tying down. The defendant argued that the accident was a result of our client’s own negligence because he was tying down the boat in a way that he knew was dangerous. We were able to secure our client a $500,000 settlement.


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