1. Do I have a case?
That depends. There are two distinct parts to a personal injury
case: Liability (who’s fault was the accident, was the injured party also at fault?) and
Damages (the injuries and resulting disability, the plaintiff’s suffering along with
economic loss). If you have both a clear liability picture and serious injuries, then
you will probably have a case.

2. How much is my case worth?
Law is not an exact science. Any lawyer that tells a
prospective client a dollar amount at their initial meeting is both unprofessional and
suspect. Evaluation is always complex and include things like: nature of liability,
extent and severity of injuries, economic loss, and insurance coverage. It could take
years before all those factors are clearly determined and an accurate dollar value is
arrived at.

3. Will my case settle?
Well over 90% of all injury cases settle. At Buzin & Berman, PC we prepare each case as if it were going to trial. That way, if it
does not settle, we are prepared. If it does settle, we will generally get you more
money because we have done our homework and the other side knows it.